Release Date: May 2014
Format: 29 x 22.5 cm
Features: 164 Pages, full colour, canvas hardcover with debossed gold foil logo
Edition: Limited edition of 100
Price: £100.00
Shipping £7.50 UK – Enquire for Worldwide

KNUCKLES is a groundbreaking photographic work, depicting people who use their bodies for artistic expression so they are both the artist and the agent of all the emotions directly provoked by their appearance.

I love the idea that art, when it is meaningful, is a punch in your face (or stomach). It makes you feel something and in turn makes you think.

But for me, the connection between a punch and the knuckles is even more profound. It is all about the hands. They are not simply appendages we need to hold a knife and fork, type on a computer or ride a bicycle. They are much more than that.


Our hands are somehow sacred. They are what we use to demonstrate respect – shaking hands, hugging, waiving hello or goodbye. They are intrinsic in spiritual practices. They can demonstrate power. They spark feeling. Indeed, they rival our eyes in their ability to communicate emotion.

And so, it is this encounter, when the eyes observe the knuckles, that much can be revealed. Consequently, Edward’s work goes far beyond a photographic study. ‘Knuckles’ is a book offering insight about the feelings of the people portrayed and you.

Julius Wiedemann
Director, Digital Publications